Trapped or Protected

Breaking with my own manner here. I wrote this poem listening to the music in the following video. I think, that for me, it’s part of the poem itself. I did NOT make the music. I only felt it. It felt me. Promoted an expression in the moment.

enclosed in your fist
i was safe
what if
i feel abused
and then you sigh
and you carefully open a space between two fingers
and i peer out
and i see
that I am being
in the light
of the sun
there is no ground beneath me
there is no where to run
there is not yet
any safe space
to be put down
–elisabeth connelley

I forgot somehow to run and to play around and around, up and then down laughing at you watching me as the flame rises and I float off in union. Maybe I can remember how. Please forgive me. I cannot forgive myself. At least…not yet.


~ by Elisa on April 23, 2014.

One Response to “Trapped or Protected”

  1. Keep trying, Elisa. Self-forgiveness – not easy for anyone.
    “I love you, too.” Hugz, Keith 🙂

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