The Sky

The Sky
it was pomegranate.

A dark

Not fading and deepening blues–

Focused upon focusing.
Something grand to attend.
The Sky
it was pomegranate.

Such a slight thing
without evident meaning
or intent

Can’t there be anything else?

It was pomegranate.

–by elisabeth connelley


~ by Elisa on December 3, 2011.

3 Responses to “The Sky”

  1. Great poetry. Never seen one that describes the sky in this way. Wonderfully done. Also I love pomegranates.

    Thanks for sharing this. I am glad I found your blog.

    If you would like to visit mine, Savor the Food. I invite you to click over then. Thanks.

    Chef Randall

    • Oh! Thank you so much for visiting! I did visit your blog. I have a culinary degree and used to run an Italian place ages ago. I am, so far, unable to do that, due to health and an alarming increase in airbourne food allergies. I am considering doing a business plan for a local gluten free, common allergy free establishment that will also cater to a large unserved vegan community. I have sources for organic meats and produce. I’m rather petrified to do the market studies and the food costing for such a place.

      • You could always work for yourself and be a personal chef. There are a lot of people that through parties and hire Chefs to cook at them.

        You can still cook for others while you eat vegan style. My wife is not chef but she does work for herself and is good at it!! 🙂

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